Creating more impactful mentoring conversations

Powered by decades of mentoring and coaching expertise

Every year we facilitate large scale mentoring programs across multiple sectors.
We have supported more than 3,000 participants throughout their mentoring journey. MentorKey is the culmination of our collective learning and expertise.

A premium white label platform for your mentoring, coaching, and sponsorship programs

Bespoke and flexible participant selection, matching and support.

A unique participant experience providing step by step modules guiding them through a personalised mentoring journey.

A seamless, tested approach to delivering mentoring success


Create and market your program on a dedicated domain


Streamline recruitment with easy and customisable application forms


Determine your matching criteria and let MentorKey do its magic


Create greater mentoring success with our interactive participants modules

Develop fruitful relationships through structured mentoring

MentorKey helps mentors and mentees develop structure and momentum in their sessions. Much more than coffee catch ups, our participants experience meaningful career acceleration.

For Mentors and Mentees

Interactive modules and preparation for mentoring sessions

A personalised approach relevant to their personal journey

Guided planning for each session

Personalised reflection for mentees to drive the sessions’ agenda

Skill guidance for mentors with the flexibility to find the best approach to their mentee’s specific needs.

For Program Administrators

Customised program landing page

Flexible online application forms and automated tracking

Assisted participants matching with automated mentoring agreements

Event management platform including RSVP tracking

Personalised emails to participants

Records of past programs and participant details

MentorKey is fuelled by our experience and passion for mentoring

Our platform has been developed, tested and enhanced over many years with the feedback of our clients and partners.

“This mentoring program has been a wonderful opportunity at a key turning point in my career and I would highly recommend it.”

A best in class experience of mentoring, coaching and sponsorship

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More than a MentorKey demo, our consultants can advise on the best approach for your mentoring program. We have multiple years of experience facilitating large, small and various mentoring and sponsorship programs. Let us know how we can help!